2021-Apr-25 12:00 AEST

Rayka can be downloaded for free from itch.io

Back in January the Alakajam gamejam community hosted a RAYCASTING themed jam. I recycled the engine from my previous jam game A Final Delivery and added guns and violence.

RAYKA is inspired by classic shooters such as Wolfenstein 3D, BLOOD and Rise of the Triad. Your interaction with the world is entirely limited to shooting anything that moves and collecting occasional pickups.

The primary pickup of interest is extra guns. Many shooters have collectible weapons placed throughout the maps for the player to discover, usually each is suited for a particular scenario, such as a shotgun for dealing with weaker enemies at closer range, or a rocket launcher for taking down tougher opponents. RAYKA takes a different approach, in that every collectible weapon is identical to the player's default pistol - but the player can wield many of these at once. Eventually the player has so many pistols that they essentially become a walking minigun.


The game generated some small gaming press interest which is always a nice surprise, especially for a game jam entry. Player feedback was largely positive, most enjoyed the ridiculous number of guns onscreen at once, but others were so offended at my inclusion of enemy dogs that they refused to progress beyond the start of the game.