New blog

New blog

2022-Apr-20 02:28 AEST

It is traditional when (re)creating your blog to make a post commemerating the event.

After losing the source files to my previous blog's generator I have switched to a new backend and have migrated the previous blog's contents.

Gamedev update

Lots of new partially completed projects - a first person stealth thievery game with ratrogue of ratking games, a game boy platformer, some dreamcast games... all just waiting for me to spend enough time on them to reach a releasable state.

I also have a few gamejam entries that might warrant a write-up sometime


I have been working in Windows lately, which is uncomfortable, feels uncool, frequently annoys me - but I almost never have compatibility issues or struggle to find or build some particular tool or library. This is my most frequent problem with various unixes and BSDs. Driver support is also a non trivial bonus, and with the collaborative Unity project I've been participating in, the benefits are considerable. But setting up toolchains, cross compiling, customising my environments to not be slow and mouse-dependent is a real pain with Windows. The new-ish Windows Subsystem Linux thing alleviates some of these problems moderately, but everything is still a workaround. Possibly the 'right' solution is to return to a well supported linux distribution for everything other than Unity work, but even my favourite linuxes come with systemd, which somehow always manages to cause problems for me. For now I'll stick to Windows for compatibility reasons and manage my frustrations with periodic complaining.