Gamejam entry: SSX

August 2014: Ludum Dare 30, theme: 'Connected Worlds'.

Having seen a video of Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne in action I felt inspired to try my hand at making a similar game over the Ludum Weekend.

SSX connected worlds

'Super Shaker X' (named for the generous serving of screen-shake it includes) was the result. It contains only a tenuous link to the theme, with the player travelling between 'connected worlds' to wipe out the inhabitants and destroy each world in turn.


Graphically the game ended up a bit of a mixed bag. I'm not the fastest pixel artist but I turned out a reasonable amount of background tiles and animated sprites for the game, but ended up having to reuse more than I would have liked as time ran short.


I also lost some time to a botched attempt at pathfinding. In the end I axed pathfinding completely and equipped the enemies with the most rudimentary 'approach and shoot' behaviour until they've received signficant damage, at which point they attempt to flee from the player. These simple behaviours are servicable enough, but can result in the player being mobbed by enemies that are too close to hit, due to no character to character collisions being implemented.

The game ranked #109th for audio, #170th for graphics and #308 overall of the 2538 entries.