DOS Juegos

Secretive sages in their secluded sanctuary selected 'Ancient Technology' as the theme for the 36th [Ludum Dare] gamejam. I tried to create an oldschool thrust-like game »

voxel voxel

One hour gamejams

Indie game developer and part time personal masseuse bitslap has been running weekly game jams lasting only one hour from the #ludumdare irc channel on afternet »

Gamejam entry: qong

Free download from This month's mini ludumdare was hosted by bitslap, who picked the highly original (and probably copyright infringing) theme 'pong'. At his »

Original game: Gemwords

Gemwords was my first attempt at a commercial game. It's a gem matching puzzler with anagrams and weird downtempo ambient zen space music. Right. Gems are »

Gamejam entry: INFALL

After missing Ludum Dare 20, I returned in August 2011 for Ludum Dare 21 ready to try my hand at a 3D entry. Equipped with Panda3D »